• Implemented warehousing semi-automatic system – KNAPP
  • Implemented system for online orders (be2be)
  • QC100 model of the Total Quality Managment model
  • Implementation of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards
  • Cooperation with all world renowned companies that are present on the Macedonian market
  • “Makedonijalek” has entered into a number of representation contracts and consignment operation contracts
  • Opening of one of the most modern and best-organized consignment warehouses within the territory of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Distribution network to all pharmacies, health care organizations (public and private), clinical centers and institutes
  • Consumer satisfaction based on the established partnership relationship and the full support from them
  • Membership in the American-Macedonian Chamber of Commerce (AmCham)
  • Membership in the Macedonian – Israeli Bussines Club
  • Membership in Macedonian-German economic associations
  • Participation at national and international tenders for supply of drugs

– Tenders launched by a number of public health institutions and institutes.

– The tender launched by the Ministry of Health for vaccines.

– International tender for drugs in Kosovo (UNOPS-Kosovo).