The success, values and growth path of Makedonijalek have been constantly accompanied by various Awards, Acknowledgments and Certificates of Appreciation.

Golden Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology Frankfurt, 2003. Business Initiative Directions Golden Arch. Quality award from Business Initiative Directions.
Golden Medal for Quality and Efficiency Global London, 2003. Golden Medal for Quality and Efficiency at the International Summit of Global Rating.


Golden Medal for Excellence in Business Practices Geneva, 2003. Golden medal from the Board of the Organization for excellence in business practices.
National Award for Corporal Social Responsibility Macedonia, 2008. For the project: “Employees company’s most valuable asset!” in the category: “Treatment of the staff”.


Award for socially responsible practices Macedonia, 2008. For the project: “Recycling of Paper”, in the category: “Environment”.
Award for socially responsible practices Macedonia, 2008. Partner of the clients, for the project: “Partner of the Clients”, in the category: “Relation with the suppliers / consumers”.


National Award Macedonia 2011. First place for the project:”Improving the quality of the work processes” in the category:”Employee relations for small and medium enterprises.

National Award

 Macedonia 2011. Recognition for the project: “Improving customer relations” in the category: “Small and medium enterprises”