MAKEDONIJALEK, in the context of their company running policy, is completely devoted to the development of relations of trust and respect, primarily with their employees, business partners and collaborators, as well as with the entire society, the socio-responsible practices, in addition to striving to develop and maintain a high level of ecological awareness and conscience of the business and living environment.

The principal and the ultimate objective of MAKEDONIJALEK is to keep the primate of the principal trustworthy company and a partner of confidence, a company distinguished in knowledge and ability to attain the highest level of performance regarding the ability to offer innovative and technologically advanced services and goods that meet the most subtle marketing requirements and criteria.

The high quality services we provide result from our awareness and respect regarding the needs and the demands of our collaborators. Their satisfaction is our responsibility and it has ever since been binding on us.

MAKEDONIJALEK has established and maintains a completely functional management system, including the management of variations and risks, whereby the management team may offer and substantiate a high quality performance regarding any and all of their business processes and services.

We do ascertain that we are entirely devoted to the compliance and integration of all regulatory and legal requirements, international standards on quality assurance, including those relating to the environment protection and safety.

MAKEDONIJALEK has been continuously improving their personnel capabilities based on high level of qualifications, skillfulness and motivation and they always strive to maintain a comfortable and creatively oriented ambience, wherein each member thereof shall be aware of his own responsibilities in view of meeting both the clients’ demands and the criteria that underlie the improvement of the business surrounding and the environment protection.

High quality performance is a must for each member of our team. Our primary characteristic includes devotion and, first of all, the teamwork approach. Our employees are considered to be our future, and our common efforts are aimed to the development of working conditions and a business climate wherein the management and the decision-making will be regarded a common responsibility.