Human resources

“Makedonijalek”’s staff – its most valuable asset!
The team of “Makedonijalek” numbers more than 150 staff members, with more than 60 of whom have a University degree. The compactness and functionality of the team are based on the availability of professionals of various backgrounds, such as pharmacists, doctors, economists, lawyers, electrical engineers and mechanical engineers.

Professional development
Capacity, talents, skills and knowledge of the staff are “Makedonijalek”’s priority resource. Every staff member has an important role to play through which they contribute to the company’s successful and unhindered operations, regardless of their position in the hierarchy or the work duties they discharge.

Common goal of the company and its staff is optimal productivity and satisfaction in the work, which we manage to achieve to a large extent by investing in the professional and personal improvement of every single staff member.

Possibility for employment
The ongoing growth of the company imposes the need for strengthening and expanding the professional team. If you are dynamic, with professional knowledge, enthusiasm and wish to have a carrier development in a successful company, then you are welcome to “Makedonijalek”.

Current vacancy announcements
“Makedonijalek” offers you the opportunity to be part of a successful team that has achieved top-level results for several decades now owing to their expertise, talents and commitment.

There are no active vacancy announcements at present.