Social responsibility

In the service of health
Strategic aim of “Makedonijalek”, which is integrated in the way of thinking of each and every staff member, is to respond to the needs and requests of the clients in an uncompromising manner and without any delays, which has often proved to be decisive for saving human lives.

Employees in “Makedonijalek” are the holders of company development. Their work, knowledge and commitment, as well as their wish for success, are appreciated and valued. In addition to the regular opportunities for professional improvement, “Makedonijalek” provides its staff with incentives for additional private activities, which contribute to their feelings of happiness and fulfillment to increase, thus to an increased productivity at their workplace.

Healthy and safe environment is the foundation for the work and growth of “Makedonijalek”. One of the basic premises of the company’s working philosophy refers to the protection and improvement of the environment, and the overall work processes comply with the environmental requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 standard.
Environmental protection, as well as the minimization of the risks of working environment pollution that could jeopardize the health and safety of our staff, are among the basic principles of our company. In this regard, “Makedonijalek” has intensively invested in refinement and improvements of the workspace, as well as in maintenance of the wonderful garden full of flowers.